Falling InLove in a Day..

                Its almost a year now since……

that BITTER sweet feeling of Having the chance to experience the Best only to end up realizing… it can never be yours.

                  It was on a July of 2015… I met up with a friend and this is the place and this is what happened:

Falling Inlove in two days…

Moments in life…. are sometimes taken for granted..and there are also incidents that those moments are only appreciated…. when they are gone and becomes only a part of our memory….

I had the most amazing two days in my life spent with someone I least expected to be a great person… i was caught off guard upon realizing that there are still guys like him…

He might not be able to read this…

he might never know how much that two days mean to me..

he will never know that … something in me changed…

those two short days…. I have learned and realized a lot about myself…

That I am still capable of feeling like this..

That I still am struggling with trust issues towards the opposite self…

That I still have a lot to work out with my self confidence.

That I still have that capability of enjoying an alone time with a “handsome guy”

And that my dream date is possible… it is… because it happened .. we planned everything… but the best things that happened during the trip were unplanned ones….

Those great moments spent together are now turning into memories …it was like just part of a dream…. how I wish…. those moments would be a start of a great journey together but then it can never be… for each of us has silently realized and decided that it was not the perfect time.. it was also not with “the one” . But it doesn’t change the fact the those days we had together were the PERFECT MOMENTS.

To that guy…. who turned my

Dreamed-perfect-BEST DATE-ever into reality …..


How I wish there could be more to this story…

 but time can only tell.. and our choices will determine each of our destiny.

I know one day… The promise to make you immortal through the magic of words will soon happen…. Because I  know.. you’ll be able to achieve your goals in time..

Goodluck to all your endeavors.. even if I know I can never be part of that..

At the end of the day…

 I never thought it was possible… never even bothered to care but then it happened….

These are the words of a girl who fell inlove.. with the wrong person at the wrong time..

………in just two days…

It was on a July.. and this was us.. and it will be on this month too….

Publishing this story made me wonder what could have happened if I didn’t jump into the invitation?

But because i did… this is what i gained..:

            Since that date.. I now have finished reading two classical books and now on the way into a modern novel. I have now rekindled my passion in using words to express what is happening in me. It has awakened my ability to learn and to grow and thus leading me to live life again in a different sense. so maybe… that date… wasn’t meant to make me find the one but to make me find the LOST ME in me. …. xxxx


The flight  I was with.. that led me to find ME!!!!!

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