His Unanswered “Why’s”


 It was one of those beautiful evenings to be remembered.

            Above the deserts of Jerusalem, are the view of a great evening skyline full of stars, a perfect place and time to watch the stars twinkling brightly upon that great historic city.
              A moment to glimpse a story of LOVE, UNDERSTANDING and ACCEPTANCE.
         She was there that night, prepossessingly smiling at everyone in her circle. She knows it in her heart, that this night would really be different. She can feel it in her soul. She mustered all her courage and confidence. She beamed and radiated. Her twinkling light, illuminated the pedestal she was charged with. She was, indeed the brightest star that night.
          As she twirled and laughed and dance that night, she happened to catch a glimpse of HIM—-  that bright, radiant, dazzling ORB of light. Her world suddenly stopped and brought her into a reverie.  She had known him ever since; “Mr. Moon” they call him. Memories flood , engulfed in nostalgia, she decided to brush it aside, dusted herself and went on twinkling.

         This two beautiful creatures can be seen from afar unmindful of each others presence.  Each fulfilling their assigned role in the universe with great passion. They were far from each other yet together they created that night a beautiful skyline.

YET…… each chose to be oblivious of one another’s existence.

On  the other hand, the GREAT GRAND SKY has a different plan for them.

         Travelling in their own axis, a sudden obscured changed cause them to collide into each other’s realm. An unexpected fusion of fluttering embers blazing the horizon, adorning the beautiful skyline that night left star gazers in awe.


Mr. Moon and the Brightest star that night where trapped into a dimension only familiar to both of them.

She then realized why she had that achingly resolute courage and wit that night.

So she looked at him hopeful and said these words…

” YOU PROMISED, I waited!!!”

then she looked away to conceal the emotions boiling in her eyes, She didn’t want him to see her weakening, for tonight she knew she was braver.

He slowly looked at her, took her hand and twirled her around, dancing to a rhythm only they could hear, while considering the words he would say in response to the phrase she blurted out a phrase so short yet could elicit the answer to a very heartfelt query. He knew that no words can construe the reason behind Why he withheld himself from a declaration solemnly shared by the two of them a long time ago.

An inscrutable silence fell between them, they stood motionless, she – looking below and he looking at her. Then slowly, naturally they….. parted ways,  SHE having that very same pang felt already a long time ago and HIM with his unequivocal inscrutability.


Mr. Moon lost in thoughts, found himself running his own axis again, but with the same incomprehensible feeling towards her. The why’s have lingered after all this years and he thought it was all gone, but nostalgia won over his sanity. He still couldn’t find the answer. He can be heard murmuring

“that missing spark.. i wonder why?”

over and over again. He looked at her from afar, he knew that he desired to create that beautiful feeling with someone, he longs for that, he has been dreaming about it but it wasn’t just there. He knew it would come, but he doesn’t know when. One thing is for sure …..after that conversation with her… He now understood the subsequent effect he had on her since that first dance they had way way back.



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