That one PLACE-that ONE LOVE

I would like to share to you a place i have loved all over and over again. This place reminds me of the truth that to love a person means:

to not get tired of admiring him/her

To love is to look at him/her or that place everyday and still finds it fascinating just as how you saw it for the first time.

It means that you will always see the same face and/or appearance yet you always look at it as if its your first glance.

I have seen this picturesque scenery all over and over again.. in different occasions at the same place at the same time with different people.

This photo is the latest.  How beautiful it is… and  still everytime i look at this place.. it just mesmerize me….all over and over again..

How comforting this realization can be..for me  and probably for you too.. :
That when you are truly loved they never get tired of you..



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