I stood up.. got ready.. and went my way. I decided to eat alone and eat a lot. So i went inside a famous PIZZA Place..😂😂.   This was the only fast food resto in the vicinity my friends and I haven’t visited just yet , (we planned to last time but decided to skip the establishment.) Since it just opened recently… This made it like a first time.

As I went in, a lady greeted me and asked “tables for how many?” I answered with a shy smile “one! Just one!”

She was so smart to select the table at the far end of the corner for me.. because it was perfect. “My perfect little corner!”

I opened the menu catalogue and ordered a full course meal or should I say a bunch of everything which would probably be more than I could take, but I really didn’t care. I was in the mood and I was enjoying the experience from the first few moments, so who cares.

I got my phone out turned off the data internet, opted to watch saved movies but decided to just listen to my playlists in full volume while waiting for my orders..

The few minutes of waiting and listening to my chosen songs really lifted up my mood. My excitement escalated… I didn’t know to be alone sometimes gives u a thrill.

My food arrived.. and it added beauty to the experience for the food was really good. The salad and the desert was especially  exceptional for me. I just loved it.

While eating alone i learned these things:

  • its nice to treat yourself once in a while. Yourself deserves it. Its the best way to establish a strong relationship with ones self. Its like dating, and getting to know your self better thus leading to mastering our own selves.

At first it felt a bit awkward and it seems  that i have been sending a message to anyone who sees me that i am sad but along the way it gradually changed. Later on i realized being in this perfect little corner on this perfect moment i was confident and independent and happy and that is just the perfect message i wanted to exude.

  • “next i learned that when alone i can eat a meal good for three”

This realisation is bad for my health.. 😂😂

  • “great music can ease the soul and is an indication of great minds”

Through the music i listened to… i had reflections of life, which seldom happens when I’m with friends..

I also realized that when one learns to love himself or will be able to fully and whole heartedly love others as well. No relationship will fully bloom when you bring a broken self with it.

I ended my “date-with-myself” with a very happy and full tummy.. and a very rewarding conversation with myself.

Alan Cohen shared these words to us that:

“To love yourself right now, just as you are,is to give yourself Heaven. Don’t wait until you die. If you wait, you die now. If you love, you live now.”


7 thoughts on “Alone

  1. Rommel says:

    Upon reading the content in its entirety, I could say that I can relate on what you have been going through. The feeling of emptiness that consumes us most of the time can be filled with joy and satisfaction as we focus on the things that we can control. We choose to be happy regardless of our current situation by allowing ourselves to loosen up and focus on the positive aspects of life. I give myself alone time as well. I go on a hike to the top of the mountain and while I hike up, without headphones and distractions, I discover very important principles that I need in my life. Then I reach the top, very thankful for the happiness and satisfaction of accomplishing something by myself. It gives me peace and assurance that I can be happy even if it’s just me.

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    1. fair_audacity says:

      Miks…. nasa bucket list ko yan…. hahahaha i do travel alone..kaso at the end sa trip may kasama ako na naghihintay sa place.. i will be trying.. traveling all alone for the whole trip… 😉 im just looking for my perfect get away…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Paulin says:

    I remember this pic from your twitter post. 😁

    Yeah, it’s nice to spend some alone time once in a while. Get away from distractions and responsibilities to reorganize your thoughts and self reboot.

    And spending time alone makes you discover things about yourself you would not have known otherwise. (Like being able to eat a full course meal for three, abla gane ka. hahaha!)


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