An Ode to a friend I met Once

I had a friend….. actually we were just aquainted
Through a friend… 

we just met once.

Shook hands
Exhanged a few words.

After that we shared numbers
And had diffrent connections through different channels.. 

We have never seen each other anymore right after that one meeting

 But as the years passed by…. We continued exchanging text and had once in a while convos regarding anything about life.. 

We shared feelings of comfort and the likes.. Like real friends do…. Not close bt friends… 

Now…with the surprising news i recieved. Pretty sure that one meeting will never have a return appointment….

 It might have another chance, not here in mortality but surely in the world to come….

To a soldier
who served well in this life…

. I know you are one of the royal army now re-enlisted to a higher level of battle

To a friend who passed on the veil… ahead the throng…. till we meet again..


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