When someone in life is in dire situation or when you see people.. trying to save themselves from drowning in the depth of wrong choices and is being crushed by waves of afflictions and trials..

What do you do…. ?

Do you stare.. and go on your own way.. or do you laugh or do you look them down for not being as wise as they could? When someone you know is not meeting up the standards you uphold or the expectations you set or what the other people see as success and you see them fail and suffer…. Can you dare be just the onlookers… in the sideline? Just a mere judge of those who cannot achieve what you have.

Life’s travels are like this photo.. we are all on a raft with each of our circle ..we are to traverse a river full of rapids that will test the strength of each individual and the unity of them as a group…

look at the Picture again.. look at the people in the raft……let us be like them.. having difficulties.. but together trying to fight the rapids that life has prepared for them.. and what is great about this picture.. it tell us that like them life must be FACED.. with strength and vigor.. plus a smile…

A phrase so dear to me challenges each person to “Go an extra mile!!!!” a reminders for people to extend a helping hand to those who :

  • struggling :

I say……..go further, little by little… the promise is sure for those who fight….

  • see others struggling :

go out of your comfort zone…. reach out… ask your self.. how might I be of help..? What is to be lost while helping will be something you gain in the end.

With these thoughts in mind… joys of life will literally be a part of your life….



One thought on “LIFE & RAPIDS

  1. lexandneek says:

    Hi Fair_Audacity! Thank you for liking our blog, “The First Western Movie Star – William S. Hart” We enjoyed reading your post and agree wholeheartedly with what you’ve written. Compassion and empathy are so important for creating a more unified and peaceful existence. Thanks for sharing.


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