Remember that life will never be as smooth as you can imagine!

This very moment in your life, when each night is a time for your pillows to collect the tears that flows out from within

Right now, when each step is like walking through paths paved to hell.

Remember that it doesn’t mean that you will never smile again

Remind yourself to rise above it.

What you are going through is just a spur of the moment.

It is just a dot in the eternities. .

Before you say you are done with what life is giving you.

Before you raise your hands to give up and

before you decide you will never be whole again

Remember that where you are now is purely temporary.



2 thoughts on “NOTE TO SELF

  1. paulin says:

    Nwebo lang yo ya kaba mira KDrama akel Oh My Venus, abla pa el bida alya,
    “If you’re hanging in there, it only means that you haven’t reached your limit. Believe that you can do it and you can do it because you believe.”

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