I am a Daughter of Goodly Parents

YEAR 1985…

my mortal fragile body brought to earth on a meaningful month.Given to the care and nourishment of an earthly parent who i would cherish forever and for that my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude for how my Heavenly Father has planned it ahead.

Much of what i know in English language and grammar, literary, musical notes, public relations and public speaking, diligence and loyalty came about because of the training my Father instilled in me and my siblings when we were younger.

In contrast to that my knowledge in household keeping, budgeting, child nurturing, animal care, business charms and charisma with people, dressing, fashion sense and cooking has been handed to me by my mother,

These things learned from them has molded me to who i am today.

I was never a perfect daughter and neither was my parents. Their parenting was also a trial and error method with 6 children of unique personality to consider.

I would like to give u a glimpse of who they are in my eye.

My mother

taught me a simple lesson about forgiveness which has stayed within my heart up until now, that even If i tell it over and over… i still have that fuzzy feeling inside.

I was in college then… my mom and i had a fight over something on a sunday. We were preppin that time to go to church. Because of the fight.. i declared not to go to church for anger has consumed me and that i know deep inside that with that decision my mom would be angry and i was ready to put up a fight for the decision made. She was also in rage and walked out from my room into hers.. and close the door.

I didn’t know what transpired between the time she closed d door and the time she went out again. A few minutes later, I felt her presence in the room, she called out my name in a soft voice and told me she was going to church and asked if i would come with her..i didn’t respond to show my defiance…I felt her tucking a folded paper beside me..then she went out quietly. As soon as i knew she was nowhere in sight i slowly opened the paper.. and these two words… where written…. “sha, sorry”.

It melted.. what ever feeling of retaliation, anger, defiance and or rebellion i had in my heart…and the verse in the bible… that says: words cut deeper than a sword.. that words are sharper than a two edge sword…. has had more meaning to me now than ever.. without a thought i cried and prayed.. and decided to go to church.. nothing was said about it ever again and probably my mother couldn’t remember this anymore, but her simple example of humility and love stayed with in me up to now and probably for the eternities…

Now how about my FATHER..

I remember how awestruck my younger self was when i hear him share stories of his family as a young boy, his childlike adventures with his mom and siblings and how he courted my mom….like literally..crossing deep rivers on foot just to prove his love towards her. I remmber how he share stories of their life with a single mom with nothing but the will to live and to raise her children in the right path. How they as siblings.. played life hard just to be able to earn a degree despite.. hardship. My mom has the same story but as young as i was my father was my apple of the eye. Having established that, i would then be ready to tell u a memory i will vividly cherish.

It was in my highschool days..where the hype for cellphones broke the earth.. i remmber how famous you are when u own a Sony Ericson walkie-talkie like cellphone or when u have an Alcatel “safeguard” look and Nokia 5210. I had all those at an early age because my Father loves developments and technology. I remember when he gave me my first ever Phone, I went to school and was so proud to own one.

One afternoon i arrived home realising that the phone was no where to be found.

I didn’t know what to do for i know that if discovered, I would be held liable and must face a terrible consequence. I was able to keep it a secret for a few days until my conscience couldn’t bear it any longer. I prayed and asked what to do to be able to tell them especially him and i asked for the strength to be able to face his look of disappointment and probably his anger knowing i lost something he had worked so hard to be able to provide me one. I was prompted to write a letter. I wrote a letter and told them what happened. I placed the letter inside his work bag carefully where he can will notice it. Going home that same day, all the butterflies in my stomach where in chaos… hahahahahaha. I heard him arrived and enter the house. I hid myself somewhere near. Then I saw him talk to my mother softly and i bet it was all about what i did. Then my mom went back to her chores and then he with his readings and whatever a father does after work as if nothing happened. There and then my testimony of a living FATHER in HEAVEN was strengthened because of the chosen action my earthly father did. I was so grateful he listened to the promptings of the Spirit and listened to his heart and acted so accordingly. I’ve never forgotten this moment with him.

I am grateful i have been entrusted to them. THIS is the story of my PERFECTLY IMPERFECT PARENTS and me.


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