The road back home..

She was doing great.. smiling along the way… walking the road… and enjoying the view..

He knew he was lost. He just doesnt know what to do.. Taking each stride..without any thought.

Then their different worlds collide….

He told her i want to go back home. SHE readily invites him in her treck towards home.

Along the way.. each step they took was not an easy one.

The road back home was paved with thorns and bristles.. a lot of times they both fell down.

There where moments when she thought…

“Does going home really matters?”

To walk any road that leads to anywhere, will be worth the journey as long as she will walk those roads with him holding her hands. She even considered crawling out of the tedious road they where in.

A small voice kept on telling them to go on…. And so they did…

Then one day someone beckoned him to go back down the road he was traveling before.

He immediately came crawling back to that road…and left Her..

wounded, broken and devastated yet still determined.

She called on to him: “Come back! Dont leave” He heard her… he looked back at her and his eyes were telling these words:
“I really never intended to go back, down the road with you… I just played along since I was bored to death. Those steps we made together for a brief moment when remembered, makes me cringe. Your sight and your presence makes me realize you are not worth my time and effort so I had to leave and go back to the person beckoning me to that old road. Something beautiful and grand awaits me there. The old road I was traveling seems to be more appealing because i came now to a realization that I already have that one person I’ll die for.. and thats not you”


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