When he said Hi but i had to say Goodbye

I saw him.with his back on me..

It was a feeling i was uncertain of..

I walked pass by… then… i chose to walk away.

I sat back… then saw you coming towards me…i pretended i was busy then u saw me… and u wave and said hi.. and that was it… the awkwardness just faded away in thin air.. and i saw us laughing and making jokes… as if we had never been apart.. as if we never had a gap. It was just like before..

With that one meeting my life changed abruptly. The following days where a roller coaster ride ..of events, choices, happenings and people got tangled with everything related to that meeting until it exploded and caused me and the people involved to be vulnerable to pain, stress, trials of faith, love, forgiveness, holding on, letting go, understanding and a lot more.

But when your presence cause a lot of pain and despair. I told myself its time to say goodbye.


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