Logical Thinking

I have encountered a lot of advice and vlogs about how to get a guy.
One thing that struck me most was that a successful man thinks logically. If they dont find you attractive or hot you’re non existent. If they dont find u as an advantage or an add-ons to whatever they have they will not invest. They wont struggle if they know u’re not a profit to them in every aspect in their life. They will walk away. Leave u and find someone who will give them what their logical mind dictates.

At first i thought yeah im doing something wrong.
I might be bad at this dating stuffs and that’s why i end up not keeping them.
Or probably im not as hot as others are that’s why they dont get attracted .
And possibly i am not as successful as i should be to fit in his world.

But then again, as i looked back
I would like myself to remember this:
If they don’t want to be kept
No matter how good u are,
They will always have a way to let u feel that u are not good enough .
That u are just good for a time but not for keeps.
And bcz u allow them to make u feel like it. U also allow them to destroy you.

The right person will know how to treasure ur existence and he will always make you feel u are more than enough.
It will be shown in his actions .. It will be manifested in the efforts he will invest.. And remember .. He will invest no matter how much it will cost him as long as he knows its having you that is at stake. He will never think of what can i get from her..its what can i give her. Its not what can she give me. Its, what can we accomplish together.

MEN cut us some slack. Ur nothing without us. You wont even come to this world without a woman. Remember it takes two… Not just you..


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